Cate Blanchett Rumored To Have Passed On ‘Wonder Woman’ Role; Someone Call Lena Heady!

In a couple of Tweets between Heroic Hollywood and Variety’s Justin Kroll, it looks like Oscar winner Cate Blanchett (Carol, Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit) was offered a role in WB’s Wonder Woman, but has passed on it. My assumption is she’s had her fill with the fantasy genre, after six movies with Peter Jackson.

The role wasn’t clearly revealed by either side, but it’s assumed by Umberto the part was of Queen Hippolyta, the mother of Diana and ruler of the Amazons. Others have speculated it could be Hera, making her another one of the villains. I’m curious if they’ll be able to try to wrangle someone at that level for the role, considering it would mean the actress in question would likely be giving-up future heroine roles.


My personal choice would be Zack Snyder alumni Lena Heady (300, Game of Thrones, Dredd), as she could also be perfect for either role. Although, she’s a very busy lady lately, and might not be able to find the time. Heady also has previous working relationship with both Sean Bean and Eva Green, the two are rumored as possibly playing the villains of the film. She has experience playing Queens, and could actually pass as the mother of Gal Gadot.




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