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BIG RUMOR: Jared Harris Reuniting With RDJ As A Villain In The MCU?

BIG RUMOR: Jared Harris Reuniting With RDJ As A Villain In The MCU?

First off, I’m not one who gives a lot of validity to rumors that make their way from Reddit (via MCU Exchange), but this new one seems to make some sense and isn’t as elaborate or obviously fake as past ones. It seems like British actor Jared Harris (Mad Men, The Expanse, Fringe) might be currently

‘The Predator’ Shoot Pushed To Mid-October; Will We See A Kid From ‘Stranger Things’ In It?

Our fellow nerdy friends over at AVP Galaxy have actually picked up on a couple of developing things concerning the production of Shane Black’s The Predator. They’ve discovered via The Directors Guild of Canada website that the film’s production has been pushed from September to mid-October, along with it’s production codename being Ollie. AVPG also

‘Silicon Valley’s Kumail Nanjiani and Thomas Middleditch Auditioned For ‘Deadpool’ Roles

I was just listening to an older episode of Kumail Nanjiani‘s podcast The Indoor Kids with his Silicon Valley co-stars Martin Starr and Thomas Middleditch. During the video game centric podcast, the group brought-up the fact that Kumail and Thomas had auditioned for different roles in Deadpool, but didn’t end up landing them. “We’ve known we’re

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