Second Round’s On Us Podcast – Best and Worst of 2016 with an EXCELLENT Guest

The Second Rounds On Us brings to you your favorite hosts, Tommy Smooth Effect James, Mr. A-Town Ryan, & Mista Malave (Mista, Mista) with special guest Serhan The Jet and a very special guest all from the way from Alex’s and Tommy’s past back in 2005 English Class days we got our teacher but we are just calling him TRAP for now. This episode is the final episode of 2016 and we are talking Top 5 Best and Top 5 Worst movies of 2016 according to each of us from what we’ve seen.  We had an amazing year with the 2nd Rounders and we cannot wait for 2017 where we can bring more and have a lot more fun. CHEERS TO A NEW YEAR!

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