RDJ Teasing That Peter Dinklage Is Indeed Playing Eitri In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’?

Robert Downey Jr. has posted potential new images of his Iron Man suit for Avengers: Infinity War, possibly hinting to the identity of a new character and new location we might be seeing in the film.

Omega Underground previously uncovered a casting call for little people actors which further supported the idea that we would be seeing Nidavellirr. the realm of dwarves and King Eitri. Our assumption is that this is most likely the role that Peter Dinklage has nabbed.

Dwarves in the Marvel cosmic universe are known as the best smiths and most likely are behind this new armor (Uru?), despite the shout-out to Asgard.

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The Uru Armor is a magically-powerful Iron Man Armor made of Uru metal from Asgard and was forged by Tony Stark and Eitri, the dwarf king of Nidavellirr. It is designed to combat evil magical beings.


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