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‘Venom’ Production Might Be Heading To San Francisco

‘Venom’ Production Might Be Heading To San Francisco

Earlier in the month, we mentioned on Twitter that Sony’s Venom aka Antidote movie could be spending some production time in San Francisco, California. Adding to the rumbling was a recent casting call seeking ‘SAN FRAN STYLE” extras we posted.   Can’t confirm this, but VENOM might have a scene or sequence set in SAN FRANCISCO.

EXCLUSIVE: Emily DeForest Added To Daphne Shortlist for the ‘Untitled Daphne & Velma’ Project

Several weeks ago we at Omega Underground had discovered that a potential live-action Scooby-Doo spin-off focusing just on Velma and Daphne was in the works. Not much is known about the project besides that Ashley Tisdale is producing and casting is well underway for the two leading ladies. Our original report listed that actress Alita

EXCLUSIVE: Immortal Supervillain Candra Expected For ‘Gambit’ – Are The Externals Coming?

Omega Underground has recently learned from a source with knowledge of Gambit‘s character lineup that telepathic X-Men supervillain Candra The Benefactress aka Red Death will be appearing in the solo film. The villainess controls both mutant New Orleans gangs the Thieves Guild (Gambit) and Assassins Guild (Bella Donna), with Remy LeBeau’s origins being the focus of

‘Wonder Woman 2’ Starts Production in June

Earlier this year Wonder Woman blasted onto screens everywhere finally giving DC a win after last years Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. It also proved that a female lead superhero movie could be profitable with a female director. Now that both Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot are locked in for the sequel (with