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‘Hellboy 3’ Is 100% Dead According to Director Guillermo del Toro

‘Hellboy 3’ Is 100% Dead According to Director Guillermo del Toro

Today, director Guillermo del Toro took to his Twitter to give fans an update on Hellboy 3. The would-be sequel of 2008 and 2004’s Hellboy series. Unfortunately, he does reveal to fans that the sequel is 100% dead. This really isn’t too surprising considering it’s been almost a decade since the last film.¬† Star Ron

RUMOR: David Thewlis Is Playing Ares in ‘Wonder Woman’

One thing DC has been good in keeping secret is their villains. This may come after fan backlash ensued after they released a trailer that had Doomsday appear in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Well after Justice League finished filming we finally learned Ciaran Hinds would be playing Steppenwolf. Now after last night’s pre-screening

Marvel Studios Releases a Behind-The-Scenes Video For the Start of Production on ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Today, Marvel Studios released the first behind-the-scenes video for Avengers: Infinity War confirming the start of production. The video has Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Tom Holland (Spider-Man) and Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) revealing the shoot will indeed last a year. Also, this confirms that Spider-Man and The Guardians of the Galaxy will play a large

TRAILER: Ninja’s Arise in ‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie’

While The LEGO Batman Movie comes out later this week. The creators of The LEGO Movie has released the first trailer for their other spin-off movie The LEGO Ninjago Movie. Check it out: A kung fu master (Jackie Chan), a ninja (Dave Franco) and other warriors must defeat the evil warlord Garmadon (Justin Theroux). The