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Wedding Scene Expected For ‘Gambit’ – Will James Franco Appear?

Wedding Scene Expected For ‘Gambit’ – Will James Franco Appear?

Omega Underground has been spending the last couple months covering the pre-production of Fox’s X-Men spinoff film Gambit starting Channing Tatum as Remy. We’ve uncovered behind the scenes crew hires, confirming some of the film is shooting in New Orleans (currently being scouted), and the potential addition or cameo of mutant villain Candra (not main

Lizzy Caplan In Talks For Unnamed Female Lead In ‘Gambit’

There is now word that actress Lizzy Caplan is in talks for an undisclosed role in Fox’s Gambit spinoff shooting early next year in New Orleans. Currently, the only cast member officially confirmed is Channing Tatum as Remy but there have been reports in the past linking Lea Seydoux and Daniel Craig as possible contenders too.

First Plot Details About Tarantino’s Next Movie; More About Hollywood Than Charles Manson?

While Deadline seemed to give us the wrong impression what Quentin Tarantino’s 9th film would be about, teasing it would be a Charles Manson biopic. Vanity Fair (via ThePlaylist) has reportedly learned some actual concrete details about the film. Revealing it might actually have more to do with late 1960s Hollywood and using the backdrop of

Sony Makes Deal To Finance and Distribute Tarantino’s 9th Film

After a big bidding war between multiple studios to finance and distribute Quentin Tarantino‘s untitled 9th film. Deadline reports that Sony has become the victor. Quentin started to seek new producing partners and studio once the allegations towards Harvey Weinstein made a business relationship with The Weinstein Company too toxic. Harry Potter’s David Heyman is

UPDATE: Fox Changes ‘Gambit’s Working Title To ‘Forevermore’

We’ve been working under the assumption for months that Fox was keeping the working title Chess (used on two previous incarnations) for Gambit. However, Omega Underground has learned that the production which is currently being location scouted in New Orleans is now being referred to as Forevermore. It’s possible the title was changed because Chess

Tom Cruise In The Mix For Tarantino’s Next Film – ‘Harry Potter’s David Heyman Producing

Looks like another high-profile American actor is in the mix for one of the two main male lead roles in Quentin Tarantino’s untitled film focused on the year of 1969 (a Vietnam War story involved?), not a Charles Manson biopic (clarified by Quentin). Previously, it was reported that Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio (Omega Underground pointed