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SPOILERS! ‘Alien: Covenant’ Cements The Saga Belongs To Michael Fassbender

SPOILERS! ‘Alien: Covenant’ Cements The Saga Belongs To Michael Fassbender

I decided instead of writing a limited and haphazard spoiler-free review of Alien: Covenant, I’d focus more on where the state of the franchise is after this released and what the future holds for Ridley Scott’s potential sequels. BE WARNED IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN ALIEN: COVENANT THERE ARE SPOILERS GALORE IN THIS ARTICLE! We’ve known

‘It’ Director Andy Muschietti On List To Replace Doug Liman On ‘Justice League Dark’

Warner Bros. has lost another prospective director during the development phase of one of their DC films. As it’s been announced via Variety that Doug Liman has unsurprisingly exited the director’s chair of Justice Leauge Dark. The director has had a habit of exiting projects recently, so we were expecting this since last year. His reasoning for

‘Twin Peaks’ and ‘Evil Dead II’ Cinematographer Peter Deming Confirmed For ‘New Mutants’

We’ve been kept in the dark concerning X-Men: Dark Phoenix but New Mutants is a different story as writer-director Josh Boone has been revealing tidbits on his Instagram account. Today, he revealed on Instagram that his director of photography will be Peter Deming tackling the cinematographer of the film. Peter’s credits include the new Twin Peaks series