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Guillermo del Toro Updates On The Status of ‘Fantastic Voyage’

Guillermo del Toro Updates On The Status of ‘Fantastic Voyage’

Last week, we learned from a reputable production source that Fox’s Fantastic Voyage remake could begin filming as early as January and is expected to be shot in Toronto. After posting our article on the production status, we spotted a Toronto Star article from June that states Pinewood Toronto Studios was a “lock” for Fantastic

First ‘Avengers 4’ Set Photos Confirm Japanese Location

Omega Underground revealed multiple Avengers 4 casting calls looking for Japanese extras (including Yakuza) pointing towards a Japanese setting in the sequel. The first set photos from Atlanta via AtlantaFilming have confirmed some of the film will be taking place in Japan. We’ll be keeping an eye out for Scarlett Johansson‘s Black Widow. Avengers 4 is

UPDATE: Colossus Stand-In Arrives On ‘Deadpool 2’ Set

UPDATE: It seems that this is not Andre, but another mystery motion capture actor.   A final Deadpool 2 set photo from our friendly source in Vancouver has spotted what looks to be the stand-in motion capture actor for Colossus. The picture is slightly blurry from enlarging but the person in the motion capture suit matches

‘Boba Fett’ Movie Still On The Table At Lucasfilm As We Reported Back In December

In December, Omega Underground picked up on a production listing for the Boba Fett solo film which had never been officially announced by Lucasfilm but later confirmed by EntertainmentWeekly to be the project Josh Trank was developing before his Star Wars exit. Suggesting the Fett anthology film was being revived. The original plan was that