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‘X-Force’ Lineup Revealed and ‘Apocalypse’ Ultimately Killed Script?

‘X-Force’ Lineup Revealed and ‘Apocalypse’ Ultimately Killed Script?

It’s starting to look like we might not be getting Jeff Wadlow’s X-Force as originally imagined in his 2013 script, according to some recent comments and information the film could be get majorly retooled, thanks to X-Men: Apocalypse. Comic Book is claiming this following concept image from artist Gregory Semkow was commissioned by Jeff Wadlow

We Need ‘Star Wars’ Anthology Films Featuring ‘Crimson Corsair’ and ‘KanjiKlub’

The Force Awakens has really put Star Wars in place where we actually care about what happens next in the cinematic universe, and we have a couple of ideas of how Lucasfilm could move forward with their Anthology films. While it looks like we’ll be exploring pre-Force Awakens tales with Rogue One, Han Solo and