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Colin Firth as Galahad

Diversity Aboveground: Folly of the Kingsman

Diversity Aboveground: Folly of the Kingsman

SPOILERS BELOW   Advertised as being from the same creative team that gave theatres “X-Men: First Class”, audiences discovered that “Kingsman: The Secret Service” had much more in common with their earlier film, “Kickass”. It was filled with both irreverence and enough blood to make one wonder if it was based off an anime rather

Diversity Aboveground: Minorities Meet Hurdles

February 24th is the season finale for “Agent Carter”. So far, the show revolving around Marvel’s Peggy Carter working for the SSR has been almost perfection in how to create and maintain a serialized drama. Carter is a strong character who bows down to no man and simply wants her accomplishments acknowledged as she tries