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UPDATE: ‘Avatar 2’ Production Start Date Is September 25th

UPDATE: ‘Avatar 2’ Production Start Date Is September 25th

Avatar was released in 2009 and its untitled sequel will be finally coming out in 2020. Avatar 2 has been listed for an August 15th production start for months, but a new date has popped-up. The new date is September 25th and it’s unknown if it’ll still wrap on December 15th as we’ve previously reported.

‘Avatar 2’ Is Expected To Wrap Production This December

It’s been almost a decade since the first Avatar hit theaters and James Cameron is finally getting his ass into gear with his sequels. Omega Underground previously reported that Avatar 2 would begin lensing on August 15th, despite cast members suggesting a fall shoot (when certain actors begin filming can differ from the start date). A

‘Avatar 2’ Has A Production Start Date of August 15th

While it was revealed not too long ago that James Cameron’s Avatar 2 would begin shooting this summer we now have a specific production start date for the sequel. Omega Underground has spotted that filming is expected to begin on August 15th and will take place in Manhattan Beach, California. It’s unknown if they’ll be heading back