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SPECULATION: Will Atlas Foundation and Namor Be Introduced In ‘Avengers 4’?

SPECULATION: Will Atlas Foundation and Namor Be Introduced In ‘Avengers 4’?

There was a recent Avengers 4 casting call from CentralCastingGeorgia seeking women to play 1960s extras. While many have suggested to a return to SHIELD and Agent Carter, but there is another superhero spin to setup another film. Agents of Atlas of The Atlas Foundation was superhero team founded in 1958, which included many superheroes

First ‘Avengers 4’ Set Photos Confirm Japanese Location

Omega Underground revealed multiple Avengers 4 casting calls looking for Japanese extras (including Yakuza) pointing towards a Japanese setting in the sequel. The first set photos from Atlanta via AtlantaFilming have confirmed some of the film will be taking place in Japan. We’ll be keeping an eye out for Scarlett Johansson‘s Black Widow. Avengers 4 is

Sam Jackson Says No Word On ‘Avengers’ Role and No Contract For ‘Captain Marvel’ Yet

Despite early talk of Samuel L. Jackson reprising Nick Fury in the two Avengers sequels, that doesn’t seem to be happening. In an interview with Yahoo!, Jackson states the studio hasn’t called him concerning either Avengers: Infinity War (wrapped) and Avengers 4 (currently shooting). “I wasn’t in the ‘superhero argument’ movie [‘Captain America: Civil War’],

Why Does Marvel Studios Keep Teasing ‘Namor’ and Will He Show Up In ‘Avengers 4’?

Avengers 4 and Phase Four are a bit of an enigma concerning Marvel’s plans. One character we hope to see introduced is Namor The Sub-Mariner. Marvel’s Kevin Feige had previously mentioned to IGN  that the rights to Namor are complicated (due to Universal), but it seems to be that they might have figured something out. “Yes, but it’s