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Frank Grillo Done With ‘Captain America’ and ‘Purge’ Franchises

Frank Grillo Done With ‘Captain America’ and ‘Purge’ Franchises

Frank Grillo became a household name in the Marvel universe when he took down S.H.I.E.L.D from the inside as Brock Rumlow. He eventually became the super villain known as Crossbones in Captain America: Civil War but was quickly killed off to kick off the film. So the actor minor frustration with how his character was

Russos Reveal ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Could Have Included Red Hulk and The Madbomb

The Russo Brothers are about to begin shooting Avengers: Infinity War this fall and are revealing a couple of things that didn’t make the cut into Captain America: Civil War. There had been rumors during production that William Hurt‘s Secretary Ross would become Red Hulk and according to Joe (via Comic Book) he was considered for a hot-moment.

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Diversity Aboveground: Free Comic Book Day 2016

Saturday, May 7, 2016 is Free Comic Book Day! Yes, it’s time once again to locate your participating stores, show up, check out the free comics and give them some love with your cash, too. Store vary from the usual comic book stores to book sellers like Books a Million to collectibles shops. You can

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Diversity Aboveground: Muslim Representation Needed

Muslims currently suffer from incorrect generalizations and bias. This is not suffering like an inconvenience or annoyance. In 2015, Mosques were attacked 63 times and  there were over 38 reported hate crimes just in November and December. Many hate crimes go unreported unless there’s property damage or hospitalization. Even in Canada, crimes against Muslims rose