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Emily Blunt Denies Involvement In ‘Captain Marvel’ Casting; Praises Rebecca Ferguson

Emily Blunt Denies Involvement In ‘Captain Marvel’ Casting; Praises Rebecca Ferguson

  We’ve been hearing from tabloids and blogs for months/years, that Marvel has been keeping an eye on Emily Blunt (Edge of Tomorrow, Looper, Sicario) for the role of Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel. While catching-up with MTV and Indie Wire at TIFF, the actress says otherwise, and even plays dumb to who even the character

RUMOR: ‘Rogue Nation’ Actress Rebecca Ferguson Wanted For ‘Captain Marvel’?

A new rumor coming from Heroic Hollywood suggests that Emily Blunt isn’t the lock for Captain Marvel, that Schmoes Know thought she was, as they state another actress known for playing hard-nosed characters is apparently in the running. They state that Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation actress Rebecca Ferguson is now on top of Marvel’s

Juniper Lee in Action

Diversity Aboveground: Flashback Friday-Juniper Lee

In 2005, an amazing thing happened on children’s television. There were three animated programs with Asian protagonists: Jackie Chan Adventures, American Dragon: Jake Long, and The Life and Times of Juniper Lee. Lee was the first female Asian superhero to have her own show. Kids WB premiered the Jackie Chan Adventures in 2000 at the

Tammy and her grandmother

Diversity Aboveground: Flashback Friday- Tammy

Sometimes, there are works in the media that are ahead of their time or mis-categorized. They either fail or have a mediocre following before plunging into dark forgotten regions of Riley’s brain like Bing Bong. In Flashback Friday, those forgotten gems will be explored. This week it’s… Tammy was a dramedy released in time for

There she is, Miss America!

Diversity Aboveground: A-Force Dope

Earlier this year, Marvel promised that their Secret Wars event would bring more females to the forefront and add more diversity of all kinds to the various series. With that event well underway, it’s time to see if Marvel was true to their word. Just looking at the covers of this week’s new releases look

Diversity Aboveground: More Action Films Starring Females!

1939 is known as one of the greatest years in motion picture history. The biggest blockbuster didn’t arrive until December 15 but it was about a young southern woman fighting to keep her family farm among war and romances. Gone with the Wind was the highest grossing film for decades and is still argued to