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Julie Deply and Linda Cardellini Magically Join ‘Avengers’; Someone Playing ‘Captain Marvel’?

Julie Deply and Linda Cardellini Magically Join ‘Avengers’; Someone Playing ‘Captain Marvel’?

Slash Film is reporting that actresses Julie Deply and Linda Cardellini have quietly been added to the Avengers: Age of Ultron cast lineup. Apparently, it’s been confirmed by Disney that they’re apart of the film as they were on cast list for the premiere. It’s odd since they were never mentioned before and we know

Marvel Is Indeed Looking At Female Directors For ‘Captain Marvel’; Angelina Jolie Actually Wanted?

Another tidbit is coming from Meet The Movie Press as they reveal that Marvel is indeed looking to hire a female director to make Captain Marvel. Jeff suggests two directors are currently in the mix but isn’t able to name them. There’s been chatter that Marvel might be announcing casting soon or has already cast the

CAPTAIN MARVEL Already Cast Showing-Up In AGE OF ULTRON; Jim Starlin Consulting On Solo Film?

We’ve been hearing for months from Badass Digest and Latino Review that Avengers: Age of Ultron would include a reveal of Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel at the end of the film. As in drafts of the script she was said to have a brief cameo and could be apart of new Avengers lineup pre-Civil War. The

Miles Morales is Spider-Man

Diversity Aboveground- Why Marvel NEEDS Peggy Carter and Miles Morales

Almost since its premiere, “Agent Carter” has been the subject of speculation, pleas and emotional blackmail over whether there would be future seasons. On one hand, it seems like a logical conclusion. “Agent Carter” perfectly filled the gap between “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”‘s winter and spring premieres eliminating the complaints about too many reruns in a

Rumor Suggests Marvel Wants Angelina Jolie To Direct ‘CAPTAIN MARVEL’

Tabloid magazine OK! (via ComicBook) has reportedly learned that Angelina Jolie has been offered the directing gig on Marvel Studios’ upcoming female superhero film Captain Marvel. While this is indeed exciting news and Jolie did reasonable job with her recent effort Unbroken there are few things that bother me about this story. First, they claim that