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‘The Strain’ Star Jack Kesy Joins ‘Deadpool II’ As The Main Villain

‘The Strain’ Star Jack Kesy Joins ‘Deadpool II’ As The Main Villain

Today, Deadline announced that The Strain and Baywatch star Jack Kesy has joined the cast of Deadpool II. With production starting in next month it seems casting is ramping up once again on the upcoming X-Men parody. While the site isn’t 100% sure they claim they have heard the actor is playing Black Tom Cassidy

‘X-Men: The New Mutants’, ‘Deadpool 2’, and ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ 2018 Release Dates Revealed

Box Office is claiming that 20th Century Fox has slated it’s release dates for it’s three X-Men films for 2018. They are as follows. X-Men: The New Mutants – April 13th, 2018 Deadpool 2 – June 1st, 2018 X-Men: The Dark Phoenix – November 2nd, 2018 Deadpool 2 also begins filming this June in Vancouver. New Mutants

REALITY CHECK: Marvel Confirms Josh Brolin’s Contract Doesn’t Conflict With Cable Role

It was recently announced that 20th Century Fox and X-Men producers had cast Josh Brolin as Nathan Summers aka Cable in a four-picture deal that includes Deadpool 2, Deadpool 3, X-Force, and an untitled fourth X-Men project. Of course, sites smelling a snappy headline pushed the fabricated theory that this would mean that Josh Brolin