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RUMOR: Inglourious Basterd Brad Pitt In The Mix For Cable Role In ‘Deadpool 2’?

RUMOR: Inglourious Basterd Brad Pitt In The Mix For Cable Role In ‘Deadpool 2’?

Rumors concerning Domino casting have died down after the confirmation that Atlanta’s Zazie Beetz is playing the mutant mercenary in Deadpool 2. Next up is Nathan Summers aka Cable, who is expected to become a major franchise player in the next wave of films, including X-Force. One name that has been thrown out has been

FEATURE: Mutant Baddies Perfect For R-Rated ‘Deadpool’ and ‘X-Force’ Films

X-Men franchise producer and screenwriter Simon Kinberg has finally given the impression that the villain Mister Sinister might indeed be on his way soon. While speaking with CinemaBlend during the press tour for Logan the producer mentioned that there is some interest in finally giving the villain his feature film debut. Kinberg also revealed that

Could Former ‘Deadpool 2’ Candidate Drew Goddard End Up Writing/Directing ‘Deadpool 3’?

It was just reported by Collider, that Oscar-nominated screenwriter Drew Goddard (Cabin In The Woods, The Martian, Cloverfield, Daredevil) would be a consultant on the Deadpool 2 script. One interesting aspect, Drew Goddard was once in the mix to direct Deadpool 2 after Tim Miller exited last year. Leitch’s name first emerged Monday, but insiders said the studio

Could ‘Ghost In The Shell’ Director Rupert Sanders Tackle X-Force Focused ‘Deadpool 3’?

It was recently confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter that John Wick co-director David Leitch will indeed direct Deadpool 2. Leitch’s name surfaced just days after Miller’s exit, although the producers and studio had other filmmakers such as Rupert Sanders, Drew Goddard and Magnus Martens on their to-meet list. Leitch met with Reynolds in New York

Fox Planning X-Force Centric ‘Deadpool 3’; David Leitch In Negotiations To Direct ‘Deadpool 2’

The Hollywood Reporter is backing something up we’ve been hearing for months, that Fox is already planning Deadpool 3. And in a sign of how much faith it has in the Reynolds-starring franchise, Fox already is planning Deadpool 3, readying a filmmaker search for a storyline that will involve another X-team, X-Force, say sources.  The