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EXCLUSIVE: Lois Lane Could Be Finally Appearing On ‘Supergirl’

EXCLUSIVE: Lois Lane Could Be Finally Appearing On ‘Supergirl’

Lois Lane has been mentioned many times on The CW’s hit show Supergirl. In the first season, Lois’s younger sister Lucy Lane (played by Jenna Tatum) along with their father General Samuel Lane had a pretty long arc for the show. However, Lois nor did Clark Kent ever actually appear on the show until the

EXCLUSIVE: Translucent and Julia Stillwell Audition Tapes Leak From Amazon’s ‘The Boys’

Earlier we at Omega Underground revealed the first audition tape for Amazon’s upcoming adult superhero series The Boys from creators Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg. Now we are back with several others. We first have actor Tarun Shetty (Grimm, Doe) reading for the super-powered being known as Translucent: THE BOYS AUDITION – TARUN SHETTY –

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Spider-Man 2’ Introducing Gwen Stacy as a European Foreign Exchange Student?

Earlier today we at Omega Underground revealed from our production sources that Jon Watt’s upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel is scheduled to commence filming June 2018.  That means that some type of casting may be underway for the upcoming sequel which will once again be made by both Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures. Now we are

EXCLUSIVE: Audition Tapes For Sabrina Spellman’s Sweetheart Harvey Kinkle

Riverdale spinoff and Sabrina The Teenage Witch reboot, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (working title) recently jumped from airing on The CW to Netflix as the streaming giant grabbed it up for a two-season order with each season getting 10-episodes. The series is expected to take a darker tone similar to its cousin series Riverdale and