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Director Rachel Talalay Wants A Crack At ‘Star Wars’

Director Rachel Talalay Wants A Crack At ‘Star Wars’

CinemaBlend spoke with director Rachel Talalay (Tank Girl, Sherlock, Doctor Who) and the subject turned towards tackling a Star Wars film. Rachel’s response is something you’d expect from someone who has been making genre material since the early 90s. “Absolutely. Are you kidding me? Absolutely. Do I not have enough effects experience and enough nerd

Kennedy Has Spoken With Many Female Directors About ‘Star Wars’; Emily Carmichael One of Them?

We had a bad feeling about this quote being taken out of context. It wasn’t too long ago that Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy did an interview, where her comments about “experience” for future Star Wars directors was seen as some sort of roadblock towards female directors. Some saying that directors like Gareth Edwards and Colin Trevorrow were plucked

Is that Daveed Diggs in the background?

‘Mary Poppins Returns’ December 25, 2018

The long rumored sequel to Disney’s 1964 film, “Mary Poppins”, is happening. Not only has Disney confirmed a December 25, 2018 release date but also a director and main cast. Rob Marshall will direct with his Mary Poppins being Emily Blunt and a new friend, Jack the Lamplighter played by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Over twenty years

Diversity Aboveground: Asians Ignored

Asians haven’t had it easy in Hollywood. For most of American film’s existence, East Asian characters have been portrayed by Caucasians in yellowface and/or consistently the villain or man servant. Chinese-American actress Anna May Wong complained in a 1933 interview, “Why is it that the screen Chinese is nearly always the villain of the piece,

Diversity Aboveground: Star Wars Heroes

SPOILERS BELOW!   With last column discussing how Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: Rebels are increasing the diversity of female characters, what about the male heroes? Are they better representing the audience watching the films? What else still needs to happen? Admiral Statura Admiral Statura is one of the leaders of the

Ahsoka, Kanan and Sabine

Diversity Aboveground: Star Wars Heroines

Spoilers Below! Star Wars isn’t known for its strong females. The original six films have Leia Organa and Padme Naberrie and about six seconds of various other females like Mon Mothma. The new television series and films are changing that. Ahsoka Tano Tano became a fan favorite on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and now

We Need ‘Star Wars’ Anthology Films Featuring ‘Crimson Corsair’ and ‘KanjiKlub’

The Force Awakens has really put Star Wars in place where we actually care about what happens next in the cinematic universe, and we have a couple of ideas of how Lucasfilm could move forward with their Anthology films. While it looks like we’ll be exploring pre-Force Awakens tales with Rogue One, Han Solo and