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‘The Accountant’ Director Gavin O’Connor Tapped To Helm ‘Suicide Squad 2’

‘The Accountant’ Director Gavin O’Connor Tapped To Helm ‘Suicide Squad 2’

Today, in yet even more DC Films news it was announced by Variety that Warrior director Gavin O’Connor will helm the upcoming Suicide Squad 2. O’Connor has connections to Batman himself Ben Affleck with last years The Accountant. This pick comes off a massive search for a director after the original director and writer David

Will Smith’s ‘Gemini Man’ Starts Production This February; ‘Suicide Squad 2’ Pushed To Late 2018?

Today, we at Omega Underground have discovered a new production listing for Ang Lee and Will Smith’s upcoming feature film Gemini Man. The film which has been in-development since 1997 features Will Smith facing off against a younger assassin in his prime. However, production is expected to begin February 26th, 2018 until July 21st, 2018:

Mel Gibson Confirms Early Talks To Direct ‘Suicide Squad 2’

Yesterday, we learned from Deadline that Warner Bros. was potentially in conversations with Mel Gibson to direct Suicide Squad 2. Alluding that David Ayer will be too busy with Margot Robbie’s Gotham City Sirens and will not be returning for that sequel. The controversial Gibson (abusive, sexist, anti-semitic, and racist tirades) recently landed six Oscar nominations for