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Another ‘Venom’ Casting Call Points Towards ‘Lethal Protector’ Story

Another ‘Venom’ Casting Call Points Towards ‘Lethal Protector’ Story

We’ve previously pointed out that for multiple reasons Venom might be in fact a cinematic adaption of his 1993 solo comic book run Venom: Lethal Protector. Well, another extras casting call is adding to the theory. The production is now seeking extras to play “San Francisco homeless” for two night shoots. In the comic, Brock

Scott Haze and Reid Scott In Talks To Join ‘Venom’

Venom is expected to start shooting next week in Atlanta with cast members Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, and Jenny Slate. A couple of new names are in talks to join the film with THR stating that Only The Brave’s Scott Haze and Variety reporting Veep’s Reid Scott. Neither outlet is entirely sure of

‘Venom’ An Adaptation of ‘Lethal Protector’ and Are The Mercenaries The Jury?

Omega Underground has been uncovering some details concerning Sony’s Venom spinoff. While collecting all these tidbits we’re starting to come to the conclusion that the film is likely an adaptation of the anti-hero’s first solo run the 1993 six-issue comic Venom: Lethal Protector. Here’s the storyline of those comics. Before the story begins, Venom makes an agreement with

‘Venom’ Production Might Be Heading To San Francisco

Earlier in the month, we mentioned on Twitter that Sony’s Venom aka Antidote movie could be spending some production time in San Francisco, California. Adding to the rumbling was a recent casting call seeking ‘SAN FRAN STYLE” extras we posted.   Can’t confirm this, but VENOM might have a scene or sequence set in SAN FRANCISCO.

‘Venom’ Seeking Hipsters and Medical Staff Extras – Is Jenny Slate Playing Dr. Kafka?

Sony is currently casting extras for Venom which include some hipsters and medical staff (who need experience in the medical field), the latter seems like they could be connected to Jenny Slate‘s unnamed scientist role. What exactly could Slate’s role be if it’s large enough to be announced alongside other key actors? It’s possible Jenny could be playing a

‘Venom’ Casting Call Seeking Actors To Play Mercenaries

Production on Venom aka Antidote is coming together as Omega Underground has spotted a casting call for actors to play mercenaries. *ANTIDOTE* Mercenaries -Males and Females (18-40) -Military and Law Enforcement Experience  Shooting will take place between October and February.   It’s interesting to see mercenaries in the film as it’s possible that Venom and