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‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Begins Casting Extras For Summer Shoot In Montreal

‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Begins Casting Extras For Summer Shoot In Montreal

Omega Underground previously confirmed that X-Men: Dark Phoenix (aka Teen Spirit) would begin shooting June 4th in Montreal, until October. Our good friends and X-Men family, X-MenFilms has spotted the first casting call for extras via FBCasting Montreal. American blockbuster shooting in Montreal this Summer. We are looking for people of all ages and various

‘New Mutants’ Working Title Further Confirms ‘Dark Phoenix’ Shoots This Summer In Montreal

There had been some confusion on our part where Josh Boone’s New Mutants and Dark Phoenix would be filming, and we now have confirmation that it’s unlikely that New Mutants will be shooting in Montreal. We had reported that Boone was teasing a shoot in Boston and the surrounding area, confirmed by The Boston Globe. Back

‘X-Men: The New Mutants’, ‘Deadpool 2’, and ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ 2018 Release Dates Revealed

Box Office is claiming that 20th Century Fox has slated it’s release dates for it’s three X-Men films for 2018. They are as follows. X-Men: The New Mutants – April 13th, 2018 Deadpool 2 – June 1st, 2018 X-Men: The Dark Phoenix – November 2nd, 2018 Deadpool 2 also begins filming this June in Vancouver. New Mutants

CONFIRMED: ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Sequel ‘Teen Spirit’ Shooting From June-October In Montreal

While many people are trying to figure out what exactly the X-Men: Apocalypse sequel will be we now know thanks to Simon Kinberg it won’t be titled X-Men: Supernova. These statements coming from SlashFilm are confirming Omega Underground’s previous tidbit from January that the title was bogus. “It’s not called Supernova. One of the things we do

Sophie Turner Confirming Role In ‘X-Men: Supernova’ or ‘X-Men: The New Mutants’?

Although, 20th Century Fox has yet to even admit X-Men: Supernova is even happening, let alone expected to shoot this June in Montreal. As we’ve reported previously. It looks like it might actually be coming next as Jean Grey herself Sophie Turner gives the impression that’s what is next for her. She spilled the beans on the