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Diversity Aboveground: Marvel’s Diversity Improving?

Marvel Studios has taken a lot of criticism that seems to increase with every year. It’s 2016 and still no Black Widow solo film. Doctor Strange, despite the box office numbers, did have boycotts. Black Panther is still 16 months away. Captain Marvel won’t premiere until over a year after that. Characters in the LGBTQUIA+

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Second Rounds On Us Podcast

Second Rounds On Us Podcast – Power Rangers Spoiler Review

That brand new episode is here with Tommy James, Mr. A-Town Ryan,Mista Malave and BigE sit down and breakdown Power Rangers! We all seen it together and now it’s time for the spoiler review! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!! If you’ve seen the movie listen in, if you haven’t and don’t care listen in, if you havent and

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Deadline reports that screenwriter Evan Daugherty has signed-on to write the new Tomb Raider movie for MGM. The also report that Warner Bros. is partnering with MGM on the film as well. Daugherty might not be familiar to you but has landed high-profile gigs such as Snow White and The Huntsman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,

Mutants Perfect For X-MEN APOCALYPSE’s Setting Of 1983

We’re starting to get a real sense of the characters Bryan Singer hopes to include into X-Men Apocalyspe, which he’s been confirming multiple times is set in 1983. New/rebooted characters include Apocalypse, Storm, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, and possibly a new version of Angel/Archangel. Singer hasn’t rebooted the timelines to the point it means characters

GAME STUFF: Brand Spanking New ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Trailer

You can’t get enough of ‘Batman: Arkham Knight‘, and Rocksteady knows that. That’s why they dropped a new trailer on us today revealing some new faces in the game, hopefully you enjoy it (like I did). Hitting shelves June 2, 2015, Batman: Arkham Knight is the epic conclusion to the Rocksteady Batman: Arkham trilogy. When

GAME STUFF: ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ to be Rated a Solid “M”

I know, truly shocking news. The famed and loved Rocksteady franchise ‘Batman: Arkham‘ is now going to move away from their standard teen-rating and go for a mature one in their upcoming installment ‘Batman: Arkham Knight‘. Thats what the head of everything Arkham Sefton Hill said in an interview with IGN, “I’m not blind to the

Ben Hardy Joins ‘X-MEN APOCALYPSE’; Is He Playing Archangel?

Another addition to the young cast of Bryan Singer‘s X-Men Apocalypse has been revealed. The Wrap reports that British newcomer Ben Hardy (Eastenders) has taken an unknown role in the film. UPDATE: The Wrap adds a bit more info.  Hardy was among those who tested to play Cyclops, though the role ultimately went to Sheridan.

Schwarzenegger Back For TERMINATOR 6; Is LEGEND OF CONAN Next?

Like it or not, Paramount will eventually move forward with the two Terminator sequels rounding-out a new trilogy which kicks-off with Terminator Genisys this summer. The studio has a of a countdown before the film rights revert back to James Cameron and he ultimately kills it as promised in interviews. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently spoke with