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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Cast

FILM REVIEW: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

What would happen if they made a Star Wars film that was more character driven than focusing on battles and lightsabers? Rian Johnson answers this question in Star Wars: The Last Jedi; the most thoughtful installment in the whole series. It’s easy to entertain an audience with explosions and pretty locations. It’s much harder to

Diversity Aboveground

The Doctor

Diversity Aboveground: White Male Allies Needed

White male allies have started to feel what minorities have felt all their lives. They aren’t the star of every film anymore. Sometimes, they’re basically just there to be the villain. It’s great for minorities to see themselves on the screen. Sometimes, it’s fun to read the complaints over Twitter about the new leads in

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First Trailer for SPL 2 Starring Tony Jaa

Tony Jaa is working hard to make his return as the next big martial arts star, after his career seemed to falter just after it got started. But with his new role in Furious 7 being one of the most talked about from early screenings, it seems Jaa may be quickly on the rise again.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Takes Leading Role In FRAGGLE ROCK Movie

We’ve had two new Muppet movies during the time The Henson Company has been trying to develop a Fraggle Rock movie. Variety reports that the film is back in development at New Regency and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception, Looper, Dark Knight Rises, 500 Days of Summer) has signed-on for a lead role. It’s unknown if he’ll

J.K. Simmons Joins Navy Seal Flick THE LAKE From Luc Besson

The trade that shall not be named has reported that Oscar winning actor J.K. Simmons has joined Luc Besson‘s next film titled The Lake which was written by Equalizer writer Richard Wenk and Besson. Into The Storm‘s Steven Quale will direct the film. Aussie actor Sullivan Stapleton (Animal Kingdom, Gangster Squad, 300 Rise of An Empire,