TNT’s ‘Titans’ Core Team Revealed?

Talk on TNT’s upcoming Teen Titans live-action TV series has been minimal at best. We know that the show will feature on older Titans with Nightwing as the leader. It’s pilot episode is expected to also be filmed sometime this year as well. Well, Nerdist has gotten word on what characters will make up the initial team for the series according to them Nightwing will of course be the leader. A wheel-chair bound Barbra Gordon will also be included as well as original Titans Raven and Starfire. They also add new comers Hawk and Dove will be a duo in the team. It’s not all that surprising that Cyborg will be absent given the live-action version of the character played by Ray Fisher will be a Justice League member in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Lastly, fan-favorite Beast Boy seems to be missing from the original team at least. The website goes to mention that a shared universe with The CW’s Arrow and The Flash is not entirely out of the question but has yet to be confirmed.

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