RUMOR: John Stewart To Be The ‘Green Lantern’ in ‘Justice League’

Many still have a sour taste in their mouths when it came to 2011’s Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds. While the movie itself established the Green Lantern Corp well enough it simply wasn’t the Green lantern movie many wanted. Now that is by no fault of Ryan Reynolds at all. Simply the overuse of CGI and a not so stellar script which lead to DC to reboot the DC universe with Man of Steel instead of Green Lantern as previously planned. Now Jeff Sneider dropped a tidbit on a recent episode of Meet The Movie Press regarding which Green Lantern we will see in Justice League Part 1. According to his sources we will actually see John Stewart take up the mantle of Green Lantern in Justice League and this means the audience takes Hal Jordon’s origin for granted instead of retelling it. Many fans of the Justice League: The Animated Series do remember fondly that John Stewart is in fact their Green Lantern as opposed to Hal Jordon.


Many fan-casting for the first cinematic John Stewart has been mentioned of the years including Black Adam himself Dwyane Johnson. But the most talked about is Thor star Idris Elba. Now while it’s unknown if his contract with Marvel (albeit smaller compared to others signed with the studio) would allow him to appear in multiple DC movies as Green Lantern and a stand-alone after 2020. Another name some have mentioned is Tyreese Gibson who’s alleged already had discussions with WB about Green Lantern several months back.

Justice League Part 1 hits November 2017

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