Phoenix Comic-Con 15: Jason Momoa Has Met With Geoff Johns About The New 52 ‘Aquaman’

Yesterday, Jason Momoa attended his own panel at the Phoenix Comic-Con to answer fan questions about his past and future projects. I was lucky enough to attend the panel where a fan asked what Aquaman comics Momoa has been reading to prepare for the role.

“Well, I just got to meet Geoff Johns. We sat down and went over The New 52 Aquaman. I mean I already read the first 10 issues but we got to sit down and really talk about a lot of great points from past and things that he has done. And talked about where the future of the movie can go”

The actor went onto reveal that before he ever became an actor he wanted to study Marine Biology as his major in college. But from certain circumstances in his life he ended up becoming an actor but now get’s to actually play Aquaman on screen. He went onto reiterate that his Hawaiian background also influenced him to become Aquaman citing many Polynesian gods. Lastly, made the joke that his children will finally be able to watch him in something since most of his projects have been for a more mature audience.

The actor went onto reveal that he has actually been a long time comic book reader citing The Crow as well as X-Men as his favorite also Spawn both written by Todd McFarlane. He even joked “I love Marvel!” after the backlash he received a few months back when he signed a fan’s picture “F*ck Marvel”

Lastly, he revealed in more non-comic book related question that he is hard at work developing a movie in the likeness of Braveheart based on an old Hawaiian folk story. Not much was given on the film beside that it’ll most likely be an ancient war story and that he would like to also direct it.

Aquaman hits in 2018

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