DC Announces Green Lantern Reboot as ‘Green Lantern Corps’

Today, during Warner Brothers massive DC Comics panel they showed the first concept art for several Justice League member’s including Ezra Miller as The Flash and Ray Fisher as Cyborg. They also showed what looked like Chris Pine as Hal Jordan for the upcoming Green Lantern reboot. However DC Comics has to announce his casting….

The reboot also was confirmed to be called Green Lantern Corps which indicates several earth Green Lanterns may appear in the film beside Hal Jordan like fan favorites John Stewart and Guy Gardner. Tyresse Gibson from the Fast & Furious series has been extremely vocal about playing John Stewart in a Green Lantern movie but another fan-favorite has been Idris Elba. So the fact this film will have multiple Lanterns doesn’t take him out of the running….

Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely that Mark Strong will return from the 21011 Green Lantern film as Sinestro which is one of the best villain castings ever but that isn’t confirmed either…

Green Lantern Corps hits in 2020

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