RYGUY’S GAMING WITH NERDS: ‘Black Ops 3’ Review, Don’t Believe The Hype!

Yo! What’s up nerds? So, first things first these are totally my own opinions and things that I have noticed so if you have your own views that conflict, well then that’s your right and your entitled to that.
So the hype leading up to this game was crazy. Everybody I know was all “OMG CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 3 IS GONNA BE SICK” , and honestly I believed it so when i got home and finally popped that sucker in, I was completely let down. It was honestly just a repackaged version of Titan Fall, except Titan fall had better graphics,(yeah I went there). The graphics where just what opened my eyes, it was the laggy frame rate, the lack of mobility online, and the overall absence of anything remotely unique about this game. The closest thing to an original idea was the fact you could send nano bugs out of your arms to kill people….. OH WAIT Bio shock already did that, but with wasps so I guess its different. Check out my video in YouTube to see the actual comparison of Black ops and Titan fall. So if you would like to go out and spend $90 on a game that really in my opinion isn’t worth it then go ahead but if not then I suggest you save your hard earned dollars and wait till Fallout 4 comes out next week because honestly that is going to be easily the best game of the year, I hope…

7 out of 10

Until then nerds I’m out
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Stay nerdy you beautiful people

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