REVIEW: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Elevates The Stakes From The Winter Solider

Today, during the Disney Panel from CinemaCon in Vegas attendees were granted access to an early screening of Marvel’s latest film Captain America: Civil War. I’m going to write a non-spoiler review for the film until the release of the film in US this May.


The film was overall way better than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in terms of two heroes fighting each other because of what they believe. Civil War however has way more light-hearted moments than Batman v Superman had. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come until like half way through the film when both Spider-Man and Ant-Man enter the film as the comedic relief.


Believe the hype that Tom Holland really is the perfect Peter Parker and Spider-Man! This is something that we didn’t get from either Tobey MaGuire or  Andrew Garfield. We either got a really good Peter Parker or a really good Spider-Man. Tom Holland however brings the dorky tech Peter Parker that many know and love. The film also is a “prequel” of sorts to the solo Black Panther film starring Chadwick Boseman. Much is spent on his sub-plot becoming the Black Panther but if you stay until after the credits you get a glimpse into what is to come in his solo film.


Ironically, both Batman v Superman and Captain America whole main focus is on each others parents. However Civil War pulled it off better in terms of moving forward the plot of the entire film. No, Iron Man and Captain America don’t have a “bro” moment when they learn both their mothers name are Martha. However, even though both films do indeed deal with heroes coming to blows on their beliefs to be honest Daredevil and Punishers moral banter on their hero ideologies did it better than both films put together..

Lastly, again the Marvel curse of using a one off villain for each of their films is here and apparent. You don’t understand Zemo’s full plan until the very end of the film but it seems very basic in terms of being a villain.

All in all, the movie really is a great “love-story” between Steve and Bucky that no matter what happens or Bucky is influenced to do Steve is always there for him. It doesn’t matter how extreme or how cruel they will be friends until the end of the line. Even at the  of The Avengers…It will be great fun to see and a great conclusion to the Captain America trilogy.

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