Maisie Williams Says “Sign Me Up” When Asked About ‘New Mutants’


Maisie Williams has been linked for a potential role as New Mutants member Wolfsbane in Josh Boone‘s X-Men film. Entertainment Weekly caught-up with the actress and asked her about the casting rumor.

“I can’t say much about it at all, but I would absolutely love to be a part of it, [and] to be a part of the Marvel family,” Williams said about possibly joining the X-Men spin-off when asked recently by EW. “New Mutants looks absolutely incredible and I’ve always loved the idea of spin-offs and [director] Joshua Boone is incredibly talented. So, yeah, sign me up.”

It’s far from confirmation, but the actress seems to be familiar with the project and it’s hard to think she wouldn’t be game, as Williams is attached for The Last of Us movie over at Sony, which is currently in development limbo.

Although, she does give the impression that talks may have happened with her opening statement.

Fox has yet to even announce that New Mutants is moving forward, while Josh Boone has confirmed a second draft of the script has been handed in to the studio. It’s possible Fox could fast-track the project as Bryan Singer has tied himself up with 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea for the next couple of years.

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Maisie Williams’ Game of Thrones co-star Sophie Turner is playing Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse and is rumored she could be the focus of a Dark Phoenix Saga adaptation coming soon.


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