CONFIRMED: ‘New Mutants’ Begins Shooting This May In Montreal

French-Canadian news outlet Le Journal de Montreal has revealed that a third X-Men film will be shooting this May in Montreal. They previously got scoops on the production starts of X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse. Fox production offices at MELS Studios have been opened and set construction begins this January.

UPDATE: Josh Boone has seemingly confirmed it will be his film New Mutants via Twitter also stating they could be starting as soon April.




The mutants of X-Men arrive in Montreal for a third time after turning the last two X-Men in the metropolis, the Hollywood studio 20th Century Fox has again chosen Montreal to shoot the next film in the popular saga.

This seventh film in the series X-Men , whose title has not yet been selected, will be shot in Montreal in the spring of 2017. A production office has already opened its doors yesterday in the MELS Studios. The construction of the sets of the film will begin in January.

“They will start shooting in May and they will occupy Studios 2 and 3 of MELS for several months,” says the president of MELS, Michel Trudel.

new-mutants_rumored_casting_Don’t hold your breath it being the Phoenix Saga, as Fox hasn’t even hinted that a script is in the works or a new director is attached, meaning it’s impossible to be a something other than New Mutants as it’s ready to go into production.

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New Mutants is already casting roles with Nat Wolff being eyed for the Cannonball role, other contenders include Maisie Williams for Wolfsbane and Anya Taylor-Joy for Magik.

They seem to be totally vague of what the project actually is, but we’ve known for a couple months now that Josh Boone’s New Mutants is said to begin shooting this Spring/Summer. That production start lines-up with this production announcement, I doubt Deadpool 2 would be tagged as the seventh installment.

While producer Simon Kinberg said eariler in the year he wanted the film to be set in the 1990s, that was before a second draft and more rewrites on the script taking place months after those quotes. We currently don’t know how it’ll fit into the messy timeline and if James McAvoy‘s Xavier (expected to be apart of lineup) will be apart of it it or not.

Fox hasn’t confirmed either a production start or release date.


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