Diego Luna Can’t Comment If Cassian Andor Will Appear In ‘Han Solo’


I think many can agree that some of the most adorable moments from the Rogue One: A Stars Wars Story press tour has been from Mexican actor Diego Luna who plays Cassian Andor.

From admitting a childhood obsession with Darth Vader to his desire to “touch” Jabba The Hutt and sharing the impact of the film on a very special fan.

Well, I think many were disappointed with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy’s reveal that the film won’t be getting a sequel and it was unlikely to see the characters return including Diego’s Andor.

However, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Felicity Jones had an option on her contract for a second film in the role of Jyn Erso.

But in an intriguing twist, possible plot spoiler here, Jones has one sequel option in her contract, according to sources.

Along with Forest Whitaker’s reprising the role of Saw Gerrera on Star Wars: Rebel voicing the character.

The next standalone film Han Solo begin the film in the UK starting in February there had been rumors that the smuggler was going to show up in Rogue One, but that never came together. There’s been some speculation that Rogue One characters might show up in future standalone films like Solo.

MTV was equally interested if Cassian would have a role in Han Solo since the film takes place years before the events of Rogue One and A New Hope. They asked Luna about those chances on the Golden Globes red carpet and the actor couldn’t give a definitive answer, flat out evading the question and halting eye-contact. He looked nervous about the question at hand in the video.


As for Han Solo, well, Luna “doesn’t have an answer for that” — but he did have a habit of changing the conversation every time MTV News brought it up. So you can be the judge of that.

Actors sign extensive Non-Disclosure Agreements when involved with Lucasfilm projects and risk legal ramifications if they reveal information without permission from the studio. The fact he couldn’t even just say a simple “no” gives the impression something could be indeed in the works.

It remains to be seen if we’ll ever see Rogue One characters make a return but we’ll hold out hope that a murky spy like Cassian might have some dealings with a smuggler or two during his missions.



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