FILM REVIEW: ‘Attack Of The Lederhosen Zombies’

Despite Lederhosen in the title. Attack Of the Lederhosen Zombies has redundance with its name giving only two zombies throughout the film that actually wear the German garment. But with that aside the movie is some of the best euro Zombie horror to be pumped out since films like Dead Snow and Dead Snow Vs Red Dead.

Essentially Zombie Land in the Alps the film pulls all stops for practical effects mayhem. Telling the tale of a young snowboarder and his friends who ruin an endorsement deal ending up stranded on the mountain at the local beer Haus for its last party of the season.

Brimming with 80’s synth tracks wide panoramic views and of course glowing radioactive ooze. The movie pays homage to cult classic films like The Return of The Living Dead film series with teen romp elements of John Cusack’s Better Off Dead thrown in for good measure.

More Comedy then Horror Attack Of the Lederhosen Zombies throws jump scares and normal scare tactic fair straight out the window for wholesome spine severing, blood spattering goodness with meta jokes that poke straight at the heart of the film. Giving us self-aware characters asking questions like ” It really depends on what type of Zombie movie were in ?” directly wanting advice on how to deal with a zombie pandemic.

In an era where most of the practical special effect gods of gore have retired and CGI takes more creative control than it should. This movie is violently refreshing making bodies being chopped into pieces by snowboards into an art form that men like Tom Savini and Rick Baker pioneered.

Unfortunately, even with jaunty humor and moments that are pretty fricken great Attack Of the Lederhosen Zombies has its shortcomings. Most of the films cast doesn’t shine through even when given some massive opportunities.


The main antagonist is stereotypical and short lived with motives that come off as cheesy and the teenage characters are brighter than the average bunch but on the other hand come off as boorish. Giving you little incentive to actually feel something for them at the movies tenser scenes. Which getting closer to the films climax become more repetitive.

Monotonous in the aspects that literally hurt. The film was unevenly balanced between kick-ass zombie killing and mediocre character relationships. All in all Attack Of  The Lederhosen Zombies was creative in a lot of great ways visually keeping you entertained through its bulky bloody center with a good sense of humor and maiming with style.

Leaving us with an open ending that definitely makes you hanker for more. Attack Of The Lederhosen Zombies musters up a solid 6.5 out of 10. A definite must watch for zombie lovers and horror fans alike. I have major anticipation for a sequel. Stay  Tuned to Omega Underground for more reviews, updates and all things that go bump in the night.




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