‘X-Men: Supernova’ Production Title Confirming It Takes Place During 1991-1992?

X-Men Supernova still needs to be confirmed by Fox as actually being in development as it’s said to be about to go into production in a couple of months. However, it’s already landed a production title which will be Teen Spirit.

This is more than likely a giant nod to the massive 90’s anthem by grunge band Nirvana.

This nod could be more than just a musical reference as the single was released in 1991 (same year Jim Lee’s new X-Men incarnation was launched) and the X-Men sequel could end up using the date for the film’s setting. Giving us a potential timeline the film as teased previously by franchise producer Simon Kinberg, who stated the sequel would be set during the ’90s.

Then again, 1992 is an important date for X-Men franchise as well, so that’s another option.

The film is said to be rebooting the Dark Phoenix story which was haphazardly used in X-Men: The Last Stand. We’re expecting a more cosmic version of the story this time around that could lead to more off-world X-Men stories.

Updated production information lists the film as starting its summer shoot on June 15th in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The studio has yet to name a director for it and we’re starting to get the impression that X-Men: The New Mutant director Josh Boone might be tasked to tackle both X-Men films.

Boone being a Nirvana fan helps support the theory.

The two films will be shooting around the same time and at the same studio facility soundstages in Montreal, it could be the way Fox has been able to keep Supernova’s director on the hush-hush for so long.

James McAvoy is said to playing Xavier in both upcoming X-Men leading us to believe the films will have a stronger connection than previously thought.

Do you think we’ll be getting a ’90s-set X-Men film?

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