RUMOR: Kerry Washington Frontrunner For Domino Role In ‘Deadpool 2’?

We’ve been waiting for Fox, director David Leitch, and Ryan Reynolds to finally name the two actors playing Domino and Cable in Deadpool 2. While it’s looking like former Bond actor Pierce Brosnan could be playing Cable or the film’s main villain. We’ve been kept in the dark for weeks concerning who might be playing Domino after a previous shortlist was dropped with an extensive group of ladies named.

That Hashtag Show is reporting a rumored shortlist of new Domino candidates. The names included the following three actresses.


  • Sienna Miller (American Sniper, Layer Cake, Live By Night, High-Rise, The Lost City of Z)
  • Kerry Washington (Django Unchained, Scandal)
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Black Mirror, Miss Sloane, A Wrinkle In Time, God Particle)

They are saying that both Gugu and Sienna have passed on the role, stating as well Kerry is the frontrunner.

I’m not entirely convinced that Sienna Miller has indeed passed on the role. Miller is noticeably the only name from the previous Domino shortlist that appears here. Making her the only hold-over from the list revealed by Collider last year. The actress is also the only one with a direct connection to Ryan.

Sienna recently co-starred with Reynolds in the indie gambling drama Mississippi Grind. She remains one of the only candidates that has actually worked with Ryan previously.

Like Reynolds, Miller developed a career slump after her own disastrous G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra where she played another black leather-clad dual pistol wielding character The Baroness (not unlike Domino) but managed to pick herself back up recently landing major studio roles.



She has a Bond connection of sorts, co-starring with Daniel Craig (his first major headlining role) in Matthew Vaughn‘s (X-Men: First Class) directorial debut Layer Cake. Craig pretended to be Bond during a scene where he’s shown guns.

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Here’s a scene where Miller is acting alongside 007 and Q.

I’d also expect that director David Leitch would like to land an actor with action experience to fast-track the stunt training the Domino actress is going to undertake.

Then again, we shouldn’t discount Kerry or Gugu as both are rising talent making them strong contenders as well. However, Sienna’s previous experience working with Ryan might put slightly ahead in the casting race. Ryan will likely be the one approving the new actors.

If this list is to be believed, as THS has been on the money previously with the television side of things concerning Marvel Television projects we could be hearing casting announcements by the end of the month.

Omega Underground previously reported that production for Deadpool 2 is looking to begin sometime between May-June in Vancouver giving actors plenty of time to train-up for director David Leitch and his stunt team. The film is currently without an official release date.


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