Universal Studios Moving Forward with ‘The Purge 4’ in 2018

Universal Studios will once again deliver us yet another annual Purge night with a currently untitled fourth Purge film in the works. Slated to hit theaters Independence Day 2018.

2013’s The Purge starring Ethan Hawke busted box office expectations for a low budget horror flick. Giving us a fresh concept with an outstanding main cast depicting how the upper middle class dealt with Americas mass murdering holiday in a class survival based society.


The Purge: Anarchy took that concept above and beyond showing us the unfortunate lower class and their fear filled struggles through the annual Purge night. Frank Grillo cast as the Punisher-esque avenging father of a wrongfully taken son gave the film solid plot with a point that played out really well with a resolution more rewarding than its predecessor.

The Purge: Election Year unfortunately. Was the most lackluster out of the trilogy building off of the political corruption shown in Anarchy but with a more rushed plot that all together made the entire movie suffer.

Hopefully, the fourth installment will flip the script and give us a new place and a new view from a pro Purge world.

James  Demonaco is set to return as director. Frank Grillo has not signed on to the film as of yet. Keep posted to Omega Underground for updates.

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