Simon Kinberg Confirms Deadpool and Cable Are In Dark R-Rated ‘X-Force’ Movie

We’ve been quite interested to hear details concerning Fox’s new incarnation of X-Force. Franchise producer Simon Kinberg has finally dished some details, confirming that Ryan ReynoldsDeadpool and Cable will be in the lineup. Not to mention, that he’s basically confirming the film will be dark and potentially R-rated as well.

“Deadpool 2 is going into production this year. Then X-Force which is a combination of Deadpool, and Cable –they’re like the Black ops of the X-Men. They’re much darker and have an R-rated decibel. There are other X-Men characters coming into X-Force at different times in the comic, but it’s separate from X-Men.”

It’s not terribly shocking as the newer comics lends itself for the rating not to mention how it easily fit in between Deadpool and Logan.

Joe Carnahan is reportedly penning the film with the possibility he could direct. Although, The Hollywood Reporter had previously revealed that Fox was eyeing directors David Leitch and Ghost In The Shell’s Rupert Sanders to tackle it.

Since it looks like Carnahan might be tied-up with Bad Boys For Life and The Raid remake, I suspect someone like Sanders could land the gig. However, nothing is currently pointing towards him but I’m loving what he did with Ghost In The Shell which should have been R-rated. I also believe that Fox might want to see Leitch tackle more Deadpool sequels instead of X-Force.

We currently don’t know when X-Force is coming but it looks like it’ll be heading into production before Deadpool 3.


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