‘X-Men: The New Mutants’ Possible Production Start Date; Is It ‘Teen Spirit’?

Omega Underground recently spotted director Josh Boone revealing that X-Men: The New Mutants would shoot some scenes in Boston, which was confirmed by The Boston Globe.

Nothing had stated that production would be centralized in the Boston area as they’ll be seemingly only using Medfield State Hospital as seen in Shutter Island.

A new production listing we’ve spotted is having us questioning if New Mutants might actually be shooting primarily in Montreal as we previously had reported.

We’ve been assuming for months that Teen Spirit is the on-set production title for X-Men 7 formerly known as X-Men: Supernova. However, this production start date seems to lineup with the Montreal start date for Teen Spirit which Omega Underground previously uncovered as shooting from June-October.


It’s possible that Teen Spirit and New Mutants are the same films as the two projects begin shooting on June 4th. We don’t often see two studio films begin filming on the same date that’s unless the two are connected in some way.

If New Mutants and Teen Spirit are one and the same, this could mean that James McAvoy, Sophie Turner, along with the likes of Anya Taylor-Joy and Maisie Williams (Boone confirmed?) might be all set to star this summer. Turner and McAvoy have seemingly confirmed they’ll be shooting an untitled X-Men film this summer.

Despite rumors, we don’t have a director set for X-Men 7. It’s looking like New Mutants might just be X-Men 7 after all. This could also reveal that the film might be aiming for a 1991 setting, as Teen Spirit might be referring to the 1991 single Smells Like Teen Spirit from Nirvana. In the same year, Marvel relaunched the X-Men.



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