‘Captain Marvel’ Concept Art Confirming The Kree Empire Are The Villains?

While Marvel Studios showed off some concept artwork of their upcoming films one piece of Captain Marvel concept art might have confirmed the film’s villains. As Nerdist points out that one of the pieces of art may have Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers fighting one of The Kree’s Sentries, a kaiju sized giant robot.

The third image showed her fighting off a something in a giant metal suit with a helmet; the creature looked almost like the Kree sentries. Between her hands, glowing red energy–a.k.a. Captain Marvel’s energy projection and absorption powers. According to screenwriter Nicole Perlman, Carol Danvers’ backstory is going to be different than the one we know from the comics, but if this concept art is to be believed, the Kree are still going to make an appearance one way or another.

The Kree were previously introduced in Guardians of The Galaxy and play a big role within the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, they’re directly involved with the origins of both Mar-Vell and Carol Danvers versions of Captain Marvel along with having their own wave of heroes and villains. Not to mention the long-standing feud with the shapeshifting alien race The Skrulls.

Fingers crossed this means we’ll be seeing the Lunatic Legion in the film, I’m in love with their character designs and seem like a great fit for these films.

Captain Marvel is expected to begin filming this January in Atlanta.


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