‘The Conjuring 2’ Spin-Off ‘The Nun’ Starts Filming

Alongside finally giving us the chance to finally see Aquaman on the big screen in his own live action film. Director James Wan is building off of his own franchises starting with Annabelle and its sequel Annabelle: Creation both branching from the first Conjuring film. Which introduced us to the titular possessed doll antagonist and her story before her encounter with the Warrens.

Wan is continuing that tradition with the origin story of The Conjuring 2’s villain. The powerful demon named Valak also known as the foreboding and dangerous Nun. Which constantly questioned Lorraine Warrens ( Vera Farmiga) faith and foreshadowed Ed Warrens (Patrick Wilsons) death.  The film has been confirmed for quite some time with the plot under wraps but as of recent on the IMDB page for The Nun. Vera Farmiga’s  younger sister Taissa Farmiga known for roles in American Horror Story has been cast into an unnamed role. Giving high possibility that The Nun will be centered around Lorraine Warrens childhood but with the filming to take place in Romania only time will tell.

The Nun begins filming May 3rd and will be directed by Corin Hardy and written by Gary Dauberman and James Wan. Keep posted to Omega Underground for further updates.


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