SDCC 17: ‘Captain Marvel’ Set In The 90’s; Skrulls Announced with Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury

During Marvel Studios Hall H panel it was announced that Brie Larson’s upcoming Marvel film Captain Marvel will be set firmly in the 90’s pre-Iron Man. Obviously, this means shes been in space the entire time during The Avengers initiative and the Guardians of the Galaxy adventures.

It was also revealed that Samuel L Jackson will be co-starring in the film as Nick Fury. Which we at Omega Underground has reported earlier in the month exclusively…He will also have both his eyes in this film explaining how he lost his eye. And maybe his back story joining S.H.IE.L.D.

Lastly, it was finally revealed that The Skrulls will be the film’s antagonist. The Skrulls have been a major alien villain for The Avengers most of their run. Which could also lead to a Kree-Skrull war in the future MCU or even Infinity War. The Skrulls have been Thanos’s lackeys for most of their existence in the comic books.

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Captain Marvel begins filming on January 8th and released in March 2019.

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