Has Newcomer Summer Fontana Been Cast as Young Jean in ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’?

Earlier today we at Omega Underground was sent a tip that young Jean Grey may have been cast in Fox’s upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix. American actress Summer Fontana (Vampire Diaries) has been tweeting out her time spent in Canada. Including eating poutine in Montreal on set; where X-Men: Dark Phoenix happens to be filming. The official IMDB on the film also has her listed as young Jean Grey:

As we have previously reported the Shi’ar Empire is looking to be the films main antagonist with their queen played by Jessica Chastain. Genosha may also appear in the film but that has yet to be confirmed…

In other news we at Omega Underground have exclusively heard that Dazzler has indeed been cast in the film. We have been asked not to reveal the name but can confirm it is not Taylor Swift. For obvious reasons Swift has a music career that would have made it extremely difficult to cast in a film.

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix debuts Winter 2018

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