RUMOR: ‘Avengers 4’ Likely Heading To Japan As We Predicted With Yakuza Casting Call

Omega Underground previously spotted an interesting casting call for Avengers 4 which asked for specifically Japanese gangsters and cafe patrons.

We pointed out these gangsters will likely be Japanese Yakuza members and suggested it would be a good bet to make that the film is heading to Japan.

AtlantaFilming isn’t 100% (they refute that they’re a news source themselves) but they do have their local sources concerning productions taking place down there. They have tweeted out that the film is heading to Tokyo, Japan. Nothing has been expanded concerning this info, but it’s possible that Japan has some sort of connection to film and could be the first location shoot.

Some have suggested that the facial makeup mentioned might be related to the Skrulls due to the recent announcement at San Diego Comic-Con they’ll be introduced in Captain Marvel set in the 1990s. However, nothing says this actually happening here. There is an assumption that the film could end up becoming Avengers: Secret Invasion, revealing that a bunch of heroes had been Skrulls the entire time because of their introduction in Captain Marvel.

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