Netflix Acquires Mark Millar’s ‘Millarworld’ Comics For Future Adaptions

Today Netflix announced that they had acquired exclusive rights for all Mark Millar comic book adaptions “Millarworld” moving forward. They are expected to help produce future films, shows and a kids show based on his comics. His comics included such popular titles as Wanted, Kick-Ass and Kingsman: The Secret Service. All of which have already been made into films at Fox. However, his other comics like Nemesis, Superior, Supercrooks and American Jesus have been in-development for years at Fox and Waypoint Entertainment. It’s unknown if Fox is still involved with these properties or Netflix is completely taking over. Noted that when Disney acquired Marvel; Paramount still produced their Phase I films that were already in-development.

Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos added:

“As creator and re-inventor of some of the most memorable stories and characters in recent history, ranging from Marvel’s The Avengers to Millarworld’s Kick-Ass, Kingsman, Wanted and Reborn franchises, Mark is as close as you can get to a modern day Stan Lee. We can’t wait to harness the creative power of Millarworld to Netflix and start a new era in global storytelling.”

Read the full press release HERE.

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