Chameleon, Tombstone and Tarantula Might Actually Be In ‘Silver and Black’

A few months ago word came from SplashReport that a string of Spider-Man villains would be featured in Sony’s Silver and Black (supported in part by ThatHashtagShow).

Another reputable source claims to support a couple of those characters may, in fact, be in the film.

TrackingBoard’s Jeff Sneider revealed on Twitter that Tombstone, Chameleon, and Tarantula might actually be part of the film’s roster.

Keep in mind, these are tweets and Jeff hasn’t actually put this in print (yet).

DMITRI SMERDYAKOV: Chameleon happens to be a Russian spy and the brother popular Spider-Man baddie Kraven (also rumored for the film). He’s a master of disguise making him a rather impressive opponent for his adversaries.

LONNIE LINCOLN: Tombstone is better known as mob muscle and is sort of the typical bruiser baddie you seen in Marvel Comics. But his character design is quite striking and being a black character lends the project to more diverse villainy.

ANTON MIGUEL RODRIGUEZ: Tarantula is a Latino hand-to-hand combat mercenary, who makes perfect sense for a project like this.

One character that has been rumored as a partner to Tarantula that was introduced in Spider-Man: Homecoming is The Scorpion played by Canadian/Latino actor Michael Mando.

Although that character seems to be stuck in prison at the moment, maybe he’ll get sprung?

Silver and Black is expected to begin filming in the winter for a release date of February 8th, 2019.


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