J.J. Abrams Joins Rian Johnson On Possible ‘Star Wars: Episode 9’ Shortlist

Lucasfilm recently announced that writer-director Colin Trevorrow would be exiting Star Wars: Episode 9. Leaving the project without a director.

Deadline recently mentioned that Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson has surfaced as a potential contender. Rian was originally expected to write and direct both Episodes 8-9 when he was first linked to the film.

Now, THR adds Force AwakensJ.J. Abrams to the mix while reaffirming Rian is indeed involved too. Although Abrams has stated in interviews he wasn’t entirely interested in making another installment.


Sorry to those folks out there thinking Lucasfilm is willing to hire another science experiment like Josh Trank, Gareth Edwards, Lord/Miller, and now Colin Trevorrow when it hasn’t been a good fit for the saga.

It’s assumed that the studio will now seek out veteran and proven blockbuster directors for future films. A billion dollars is on the line here and they seemingly have finally learned that new voices aren’t exactly working for them.

Episode 9 was set for a release in May 2019, but the studio hasn’t suggested that the January production start will be delayed or that the release date will be changed. It’s expected currently Lucasfilm will stick to the dates they’ve committed to, and quickly get replacements ready.


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