Silver Sable’s Mercenary Team The Wild Pack Headed Into Sony’s ‘Silver & Black’

Today, our buddies over at That Hashtag Show revealed some interesting new details regarding Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man spin-off movie Silver & Black. Several weeks ago they revealed that two members of Silver Sables merc team The Wild Pack had joined the film which included Powell and Klein. Now they are reporting that the rest of the team has since been added to the script

Now they are reporting that the rest of the team has since been added to the script. Which will include Chen, Arnold, and Morty. Powell is Silver’s right-hand man with Morty being her executive assistant. Klein will be more the Ultimate version of her character not resembling an older Lorna Kleinfeldt version at all. And Chen (originally Amy Chen) has been gender switched to a male mercenary.

Silver Sable is tasked with capturing Felicia Hardy, Silver sees an opportunity to avenge the death of her father at the hands of the film’s main villain, Mendell Stromm, and assembles the Wild Pack to help her out.

Silver & Black will hit theaters February 2019

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