UPDATE: ‘Venom’ Production Start Delayed Until Late October

Omega Underground has been closely keeping tabs on the production of Sony’s Venom movie aka Antidote. The film will have Tom Hardy star as Eddie Brock directed by Ruben Fleischer along with Spider-Man: Homecoming’s production designer Oliver Scholl recently joining the film.

As we’ve previously reported the Spider-Man spinoff is confirmed to shoot in Atlanta and New York City.

However, more recently we revealed a bit of a delay concerning the production start on the film which had originally planned for September 1st. Recent crew hirings led us to believe that delays were on the way for Venom.

It’s understandable as Atlanta has become a very crowded production space, so finding the right crews can be a tough search and could lead to waiting for other projects to wrap first.

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We now have an updated production start date for the film which is set for October 23rd.

Considering Venom’s release date isn’t until October 5th of next year, it likely doesn’t mean any sort of release date shuffling will be taking place.


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