Jamie Lee Curtis Announces Return to ‘Halloween’ Sequel

Since 2009’s disappointing Rob Zombie reboot of Halloween 2. The franchise has laid dormant for almost 8 years with only the occasional production updates and here say. Now seemingly out of the blue a gift from the horror gods the one the only scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis today has tweeted her official return to the 10th installment.

Jamie Lee Curtis will reprise her role as Laurie Strode. The Younger sister of murderer Micheal Myers in the original Halloween and it’s sequel Halloween 2 which were inarguably the best films in the series. John Carpenter is giving it his all to make this the true successor to Halloween 2. Thankfully overriding Halloween’s 4-9. Opting to executive produce and compose the films score.David Gordon Green has taken the directors chair and co-wrote the script with none other than East Bound and Downs Danny Mcbride.

Halloween 10 is set to slash its way into theaters October 19, 2018. Stay posted to Omega Underground for updates.

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