Ron Howard Confirming ‘Han Solo’ Is An Adaptation Of ‘The Paradise Snare’?

Well, it’s starting to look like the expanded Star Wars universe might be influencing the anthology films after all. Director Ron Howard has tweeted an image of a spice mine which could directly be confirming that the Han Solo film might be a version of The Paradise Snare novel by A.C. Crispin. The first in a trilogy of books, it’s been rumored that the studio aims to make a trilogy of Solo movies.

The novel features a young Han Solo roped into a pilot gig on a spice mine (after going on the run from his former pirate cohorts) which is run as a cult, only to be revealed as a front for The Hutts running a slave operation using drugs to keep the workers passive and on-planet.

A couple of other things seemingly supported this as Michael K. Williams‘ character was said to be half-animal and half-human, a likely cue to Solo’s first furry companion from the novel. Plus, the first round of set photos seemingly included a room of valuable antiquities which was a key element of the novel as well.

Emilia Clarke‘s role could be a version of the female character from the book Bria Tharen, who starts off as a worker who Solo fancies and helps her to be moved out of the mine and tasked with cataloging the antiquities. They eventually escape the planet and Bria becomes part of the Rebellion. One set photo clearly has Clarke with Solo this room filled with antiquities, along with Paul Bettany which might be a clue to his role being connected to the spice mines or the people running it for the Hutts.



Han Solo is still slated for release on May 25th, 2018.


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